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Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS) Division researches, plans, designs and integrates intelligent transportation systems (ITS), it also provides the consulting services and transportation management services upon customer’s requirement. The technical and managerial services are including in all the subsystems of intelligent transportation systems, such as public safety and security, road weather management, electronic toll collection system and electronic fare payment system, transportation management centers, intelligent vehicle initiative, high-occupancy vehicle lanes, automatic crash notification, traveler information system, standards & architecture, work zones, advanced operation and management system for transit, advanced traffic surveillance and signal control system, freight & fleet management, commercial vehicle electronic screening and incident management. A&AT also sell many kinds of advanced ITS related products including hardware and software.
Industrial Automation Control Division designs and integrates PC, PLC control systems for all kinds manufacturing industries. A&AT provides the best hardware architecture design and high-quality software development for machine motion controls, process controls, functionality controls and monitoring. A&AT also provides software design and hardware configuration for supervisory systems. To support our customers in maintenance and development of their control systems and supervisory systems A&AT also provides the services on customer sites. To meet today's new technology A&AT is dedicated to develop and implement the advanced technology into automation control field for all customers.
Information Management Division provides high-quality software development, system integration and technical services to many companies. These services include systems analysis, planning, data process, databases management, networking, systems management, design and implementation for building large-scale databases of Client-Server, Internet and Intranet applications. A&AT also helps the companies to design and implement State-of-the-art technologies specially geared to their needs. Our highly skilled and experienced professionals have established us as a leading information technology company in system development, project management, technical training and system support. A&AT can help clients to plan, design, develop and maintain their database system and applications. A&AT has a growing business creating customized application software for the clients who have special requirement.
Intelligent Automation Application Technology, Inc. (IAAT) is the branch of A&AT in China, located in Nanjing, Jiangsu Province, China. Its mission is to deliver the best intelligent transportation systems (ITS) and automation control system technology, products and services through planning, research, design, integration, consulting and sales to improve the management of the transportation and manufacturing in China. It also represents many manufacturers to sell ITS and automation control related products and advanced technology in China. It is currently engaging in building intelligent transportation systems (ITS) in China.

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