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A&AT Provides Design and Integration of Intelligent Transportation, Electrical and Automation Control System and Information Management System with Advanced, Green, Energy Saving, High Quality Technologies and Products and Low Cost.

Advanced Energy Saving Electrical System and Products
A&AT provides design, integration and upgrading for electrical system with energy saving technology and products in the USA and worldwide. Please contact with us for your project requirement:
T: 908-331-2804 (USA) or E-mail:

1. Split pressure SWH      Details
2. UAC compact pressure SWH     Details
3. ECOKIT     Details
4. LED Bulb     Details
5. LED Display Board     Details
6. LED Flood Light     Details
7. LED Panel     Details
8. LED Street Lighting     Details
9. LED Strip     Details
10. LED Traffic Signal Light & Controller     Details
11. Solar Charger(2008-11-12)     Details
12. Solar Power System     Details
13. Solar Roadway Light     Details
14. Solar Traffic Signal & Sign     Details
15. Wind Power Grid-Connected Generation System     Details
16. Wind-Solar Power System     Details
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